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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Dreaded IRS Disability Letter is out there again.

From the Pension Rep:   The Dreaded IRS Letter is out there again.

In the last week two members have contacted me about the IRS letter.  I am sure there will be more members receiving the IRS letter.  Therefore I am forwarding the following:
1)     An email inquiry from a member that I received last week.
2)     Instructions on how to deal with this problem from Patsy Noto.
3)     Email for the member explaining how  the problem will be solved

1)         Email from a member received this week ---
“In our conversation I forgot to ask you about a letter I got yesterday from the IRS about 2007's income.  I'm
sure this is something coming back to bite me from the City's snafu.  I haven't paid taxes since 1982 and they are saying that I owe $1,562 for 2007.  They aren't asking for any other years prior to 2007 or after.  Do you remember or have a contact person and address either in the city or the IRS that I can try and straighten this matter?
I appreciate anything you may have or can help me with.”

2)         I went through old records and found the following from RSA President Patsy Noto
This is what you do:
 Patsy indicated that retirees need to call Eileen Boykin at the New York City Police Pension Fund if they receive an IRS letter that they owe taxes regarding their disability pensions. Call # 212 693 5100, and for out of state residents call # 866 692 7733. Eileen will provide a letter for the retiree to give to our friends at IRS.

3)         Eileen’s reply to the member quoted  above:
I just called Eileen Boykin and she was on the ball and knew exactly what to do.  She wants me to fax (212-693-2824) the first three pages from my letter from the IRS to her.  In turn she will mail me a letter that I need to sign to send back to the IRS.  She said you MAY get a few letters and you must answer each one but eventually this will all go away.

I hope so but thought you'd like to know to pass on to others.  Again, thanks for what you do.  It is a nice relief to have that off my mind.”


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